I have chosen sessions from a range of training and fitness concepts. The programs have been proven to enable all participants to reach their personal goals. Everyone is constantly challenged to push a little harder, faster and longer. There is a limit to the group sizes to ensure you get the absolute maximum personal attention and motivation. Because of this, bookings are essential for the Weights Class.



Fat burn, work big muscle groups with simple un choreographed, high intensity intervals. Set to a track with exercise prompts – but no dance skills are required – this is not a dance class.


Metafit Juniors

Metafit Juniors is a fantastic way for your kids to keep fit and active. The 30 minute workout will build strength, stamina and increase their aerobic capacity – making them feel invigorated and more confident



With its butt-blasting boot camp style drills; this high intensity full body program is a great way to get results whilst keeping you motivated all the way through. Join a fun social group to workpout with.


Weights Circuit

My Weights Circuit Class has 3 separate circuits done on a weekly basis in conjunction with either Metafit or Bootcamp.
As we get older, it is essential to build lean muscle, to support healthy bones and burn body fat.



Your session will be made by appointment – it’s all about YOU! I will be by your side, motivating you through the sessions, ensuring you’re doing everything correctly and maximising your training time.



MetaPWR (MetaPower) is a thirty minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency.