Fitness Growth

We are drawn towards the idea of cultivating our bodies – whether it be to look good, lose weight, put weight on, build muscle etc – all of these are aesthetic considerations – but what if it goes deeper than that……..

Fitness is Fashionable at the moment – in fact it’s the most fashionable I ever remember it being. People often don’t need to think twice about whether they want to work out or not – they automatically want that trend – and that ‘high’ of working out.

New year always entices people into ‘new healthy lifestyle choices’ – ‘the new me’, ‘a fit me’, ‘I’m-gonna-lose-weight-me’ etc etc – but more often than not – people’s new year resolutions go by the wayside – when other things come along.  There is no need to do this at then beginning of a new year – you can now – today!!

  • Fact – Life gets busy
  • Fact – You need to be able to time-manage – especially to achieve your goals
  • Fact – Staying fit is essential to a healthy brain and heart
  • Fact – People Quit!

So – with that in mind – what makes fitness sustainable for those who keep at it -for those yearning for more……??


Fitness is closely linked with self improvement as a whole…you need to cultivate the body as well as the mind….it is a holistic approach – but one without the other will ultimately fail – they both need each other to succeed.
Fitness is linked with self improvement as a whole…….it supports personal growth like nothing else does.

How does this work????

Discipline…Fitness goes two-fold with discipline. Consistency is the key…….train your mind to be consistent and follow healthy habits – and the body will follow.

Pushing through personal limits – everything we do and are – involve limits – so it is important to push those limits and try to overcome them to become a stronger version of yourself.

Look for the ‘higher’ at every level – each time you reach a personal goal – strive to obtain a yet higher goal…….it may seem impossible at the time – but if you reached one goal you WILL reach another.

Fitness is so much more than losing weight, building muscle, sculpting the body, increasing performance, it promotes strength of character, strength of mind, strength of will power and discipline.
Fitness helps you push through those ‘Limits’ you set yourself. It can actually help you overcome these limits. Working with both physical and mental limits, as they are intertwined – when you start to push through them, you start to shake things up a bit, and start to yearn for more, and it can become a healthy habit for holistic personal growth.

‘Once a person’s mind has been expanded by an idea, it can never be satisfied to going back to where it was’ – Les Brown.

Fitness is so much more than losing weight, sculpting the body, increasing performance – Fitness can ultimately built strength of character, strength of mind, strength of will power and discipline – and makes the next step to Personal Improvement and Growth so much more attainable.

You get what you focus on – so focus on what you want.

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