Fitter. Faster. Stronger.

Clare Kenna

My programs are designed to keep you focused, motivated and have fun along the way. I guarantee you will transform your body shape and attain those personal goals. I’m a great believer that fitness and health should be affordable to everyone.

With a personal committment to leading a healthy, fit and challenging life, I can guide you through the tough times, and smile with you through the happy ones.

Whether you prefer one on one training in the privacy of your own backyard or in a local park, or if you work best in a group of friends, colleagues or strangers, a program can be tailored for you that will produce results, will be easy to stick to, and most of all you will enjoy!

Sessions start at $10. First Session FREE.



Since i started Metafit Juniors a few weeks ago, i feel stronger and more determined to get fit and healthy. With Clare i know she will encourage me to push beyond my boundaries. The next day i feel sore but after that i feel solid and strong. Metafit Juniors is great - you should try it!!

Karoun Zouain (age 11)

My husband and I have been training with Clare for 3 months. We were looking for a trainer that could keep us motivated (and cater to my husband’s dodgy knee) - and we found that in Clare. She knows exactly how much to push us both to get results. She mixes up the workouts to keep it interesting and is conscious of my husband’s injuries. We’ve seen great improvements in our fitness and really enjoy training with her.


Have trained with Clare for a couple of years now and she has helped me achieve many goals and PB’s for running. She even persuaded me to run The North Face 50….something i never thought i could have achieved on my own.


Got Smashed at Clare’s Metafit Class – we did ‘House of Pain’ workout today. I love the short, sharp intensity of Metafit – feeling truly energised and great now! i would Recommend CK1 Fitness to anyone who wants to elevate their fitness levels, and burn fat!